Recycled Plastic Lumber & Furnishings

Indoor and outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic lumber.

Recycled Plastic Furnishings

Indoor and outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic lumber.

The Leading Producer of Environment-Friendly Furnishings


Buy Once. Buy Recycled. Recycled Plastic Products Last.

Our eco friendly site furnishings are made from post-consumer & pre-consumer recycled plastic waste such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, plastic bags and flower pots. By using this superior, sustainable, more durable alternative material, we are able to reduce the amount of waste ending up in our landfills and provide our customers with a product which will never need replacing. Most importantly, because we oversee operations beginning to end, we can personally attest to the quality, craftsmanship and environmental character of every product we sell. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Earth Friendly

In today’s environment, buying “GREEN” is more important than ever. The Recycled Plastic Factory manufactures recycled plastic lumber made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics, such as milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles, plastic bags and flower pots. Our products are safe for both children and adults, as they do not splinter, absorb bacteria, or contain chemicals that may leach into the skin or soil like pressured treated wood.

Recycled Plastic Factory
Recycled Plastic Factory

Unmatched Durability

Our products are used by parks, schools, and other municipalities because they offer significant advantages over conventional wood site furnishings:

  • Weather Resistant
  • Impervious to Insects
  • Maintenance Free
  • Graffiti Resistant
  • No Paint, Stain or Sealants Needed
  • Heavy Duty

Providing Environmentally Friendly Site Furnishings, Green Building Materials, & Marine Supplies and Docks

Recycled Plastic Lumber

Recycled plastic lumber is able to be utilized in most all of the same projects as its wood counterpart. 

32 Gallon Round Waste Receptacles

Made from recycled plastic, our 32 Gallon Round Waste Receptacle is an excellent option for outdoor waste collection.

Dock Handles and Dock Line Holders

Our Dock Handles and Dock Line Holders are made to coordinate with our marine decking, floating docks and other marine products.

Dock Cleats

As with all of our marine products, our dock cleats are impervious to saltwater, marine organisms, rot, splintering, mold and mildew.

Understanding "Green" Products

Environmentally friendly (also eco-friendly, nature friendly, and green) are synonyms used to refer to goods and services, laws, guidelines and policies considered to inflict minimal or no harm on the environment.

Environmentally friendly products have become popular recently based on rising public awareness on issues such as climate change. New mandates and guidelines on energy efficient building (such as LEEDs) and design have paved the way for the demand of such products, and have started a movement towards this trend.