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What is Recycled Plastic Lumber made from?

Our recycled plastic lumber is 100% plastic and contains over 90% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) #2 plastic such as gallon milk, water and juice containers and detergent bottles.

How long will it last?

We have had product in place since 1992 which still shows no sign of rotting, cracking, splitting or breaking. Some studies have shown the expected lifetime of recycled plastic lumber is 400 years.

What colors are available?

Our colors include gray, brown, black, green, yellow, blue, tan and white. We also make custom colors to order, call for availability and pricing.

Why is there color variation?

Since we utilize 100% recycled plastic materials in manufacturing our lumber, some variation in color from batch to batch does exist.

Can I paint or stain recycled plastic lumber?

It is not necessary to paint or stain our product as it has a solid color throughout. Because our products do not absorb moisture, paints and stains will sit on the surface of our plastic and tend to chip or flake over time.

Will recycled plastic lumber fade?

All of our products have UV inhibitors in the plastic. With direct sun exposure slight fading may occur over time.

Will Recycled Plastic Lumber mold, mildew or rot?

No. Our recycled plastic lumber and contain no organic materials such as wood fillers for mold and mildew grow. In the case that dirt and grime buildup on the surface and create mold or mildew, it can be easily removed by cleaning the surface of your site furnishings or lumber.

Is Recycled Plastic Lumber termite proof?

Yes, since there are no food sources in our plastic, termites and other insects do not infest our products.

Can I get a wood grain finish?

No, because our plastic is a molded product. This allows our plastic to be durable and flexible and eliminates splitting. Due to the molding process the texture may vary slightly from board to board.

How do I clean plastic lumber?

Plastic lumber can be cleaned with a common household cleaner or a solution of bleach (5%-10%) and water. Unlike composite lumber, our products can also be pressure washed. Use caution when cleaning as detergents can make the surface slippery.

Lumber and Decking

Is recycled plastic lumber slippery?

Everything is slippery when wet, our products are no more slippery than wood.

What is the recommended span for decks?

We recommend 12” to 16” on center. Check your local building codes.

What type of fasteners should I use?

Any fasteners that can be used with wood can be used with our recycled plastic lumber. Since our lumber has such a long life span, we recommend stainless steel fasteners.

Should it be pre-drilled before install?

No, it is not necessary to pre-drill our recycled plastic lumber. Standard woodworking tools are all that is needed to work with our product.

Can it be used in structural applications?

Recycled plastic lumber is an excellent option for the surface of docks and decks, railings, cribbing and blocking. When properly supported, it can also be used as substructure in some applications such as a deck over a concrete slab. No, it cannot be used for load-bearing components such as joists, beams, or studs.

Ordering and Delivery

Why does it cost more than wood?

Processing of recycled plastic is the reason for its higher expense. However, the up-front cost more than pays for itself through the lifetime of the recycled plastic lumber and the minimal maintenance required. Annual costs to maintain recycled plastic lumber are as much as 6 times less than that of wood.

How much lead time is needed?

Depending on the size of the order, most orders can be filled in 2 to 4 weeks or less.

What does it cost to deliver?

Delivery costs are based on weight, size and destination. Once we know the quantity you are interested in ordering we can give you a price for delivery.

Where can I buy Recycled Plastic Lumber and products?

We are the manufacturer and you can buy directly from us. You can place an order by phone, fax or email.

What discounts do you offer?

Discounts are available for schools, churches, municipalities, re-sellers, contractors and quantity orders. Please contact us to see what discounts you may qualify for.

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